Synthetic Graphite
Synthetic Graphite
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  • Synthetic Graphite

    规格:580mm x 100m / roll




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  • Product Name : GS 2000 Synthetic Graphite

    Synthetic Graphite is used polyimide membrane coal pitch coke, petroleum coke, and other auxiliary materials sintering into new membrane materials, has high heat transfer effect, the thermal conductivity is usually in 800 ~ 1500w/m.k , is mainly used in smart phones, tablets, LED heat dissipation, TV and other electronic products, make electronic products can realize miniaturization, thin and light-duty, and widely used in the smaller gap and non insulated environment, to provide the most advantageous heat dissipation solution scheme for the thin development of electronic products .


    1.High thermal conductive performance;

    2.Low thermal resistance;

    3.Easy to operate;

    4.Light weight.

    Product introduction:

    Synthetic Graphite with high thermal conductivity, high reliability, lightweight, easy processing, environmental protection and other excellent features widely used in new energy, energy saving reconstruction important emerging industries, such as photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, inverter, and has great prospects in the field of LED in power electronic technology.


    LED, heat sink, LCD TV, laptop, communications equipment, wireless switches, DVD, handheld devices, video camera/digital camera, mobile phone.