Insulation Silicone Sheet
Insulation Silicone Sheet
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  • BM120,150,180,K44.jpg
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  • BM150 Insulator Silicone Sheet

    规格:0.23mm*300mm*50m , 0.3mm*300mm*50m , 0.45mm*300mm*50mm




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  • BM150 Insulator Silicone sheetis fiberglass as reinforcement of silicone elastomeric material and high molecular polymer, also known as thermal silicone cloth, anti tearing silicone. The silicone sheet can effectively reduce the thermal resistance between the electronic component and the radiator. It has good characteristic of electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, good thermal conductivity, high resistance chemical properties, in addition, It can withstand problem of short circuit of high voltage and metal piercing , and is an excellent thermal conductive insulation material  to instead of the traditional mica and silicone grease.



    1.Dielectric strength high,

    2.Good thermal conductivity,

    3.Good toughness, tear resistance,

    4.Surface soft, no viscosity on surface ,

    5.High voltage insulation performance,

    6.Strong withstand voltage, wear resistance,

    7.Thin thickness, suitable for insulation and thermal power device.


    1. Military, aviation ;

    2. Large power source ;

    3. Heating power device;  

    4. Automobile electronic heating module ;

    5. Motor control, communication equipment;

    6. Power semiconductor, IS MOS tube IGBT chip;

    7. High voltage, high temperature, high power welding machine etc.



    Sheet, die-cutting, roll, with adhesive and without adhesive.

    Basic size



    Other different thickness can be customized

    According to customer requirements can be processed into sheets of different shapes, we also can undertake gum processing to meet the customer demand.