Insulation Silicone Pad
Insulation Silicone Pad
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  • TO-3P Silicone Thermal Pad Sheet

    规格:0.3t * 20mm*25mm




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  • Technical Parameters
  • Application :

    a.) LED Industry

    1.Between the aluminum substrate and the heat sink

    2.Aluminum plate shell


    b.) Power Industry

    MOS pipe, between transformer (or capacitor/PFC inductor) and heat sink or shell


    c.) Communications Industry

    1.TD-CDMA products in the main board IC and heat sink or between shell heat conduction and radiation

    2.Between set-top box DC - DC IC and the shell heat dissipation


    d.)Automotive electronics Industry

    Xenon lamp rectifier, audio, car series products etc.


    e.)PDP/LCD Industry

    Between amplifier IC, image decoder IC and IC radiator (shell)


    f.)Household Appliance Industry

    1.Air-condition (between the fan motor power IC and shell)

    2.Electromagnetic oven (thermistor and the radiating fin)

    3.Microwave Oven


    Specification :

    Color : grey, blue, pink

    Regular size : 0.3t mm x 20 mm x 25mm

    Special size and color, can according customer's requirement to cut the shape , with adhesive without adhesive .

    Package :1000pcs/ bag