Insulation Silicone Pad
Insulation Silicone Pad
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  • TO-220 Insulator Silicone Sheet Without Hole

    规格:0.3t mm x 13 mm x 19 mm




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  • TO-220 Insulator Silicone Sheet without hole is a kind of thermal conductive materials, used in heat sink and the heat transfer of electronic equipment interface. The shape of this series products applicable to fill the PC board and heat sink or metal chassis of the air gap and minimize air thermal impedance, good thermal conductivity and high voltage insulation, the material itself has certain flexibility, good fit between power device and heat dissipation aluminum or machine shell, so as to achieve the best thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, electronics industry to meet the requirement for thermal conductive materials.


    Main features:

    1.Flexible insulation silica sheet ,

    2.Heat conduction,





    Application :

    Field effect transistor,

    Large power transistor,

    Power supply voltage regulator module,

    A variety of audio power amplifier module,

    High-power silicone controlled rectifier module, integrated rectifier module .


    Specification :

    Regular size : 0.3t mm x 13 mm x 19 mm , Color : grey

    Special size and color , can according customer's requirement to cut the shape , with adhesive or without adhesive .

    Package : 1000pcs/bag