Insulation Silicone Pad
Insulation Silicone Pad
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  • TO-3P Insulator Silicone Sheet Without Hole

    规格:0.3t mm x 20 mm x 25mm




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  • TO-3P Insulator Silicone Sheet without hole is a kind of thermal conductive materials, used in heat sink and the heat transfer of electronic equipment interface. The shape of this series products applicable to fill the PC board and heat sink or metal chassis of the air gap and minimize air thermal impedance, good thermal conductivity and high voltage insulation, the material itself has certain flexibility, good fit between power device and heat dissipation aluminum or machine shell, so as to achieve the best thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, electronics industry to meet the requirement for thermal conductive materials.


    Application :

    a.) LED Industry

    1.Between the aluminum substrate and the heat sink

    2.Aluminum plate shell


    b.) Power Industry

    MOS pipe, between transformer (or capacitor/PFC inductor) and heat sink or shell


    c.) Communications Industry

    1.TD-CDMA products in the main board IC and heat sink or between shell heat conduction and radiation

    2.Between set-top box DC - DC IC and the shell heat dissipation


    d.)Automotive electronics Industry

    Xenon lamp rectifier, audio, car series products etc.


    e.)PDP/LCD Industry

    Between amplifier IC, image decoder IC and IC radiator (shell)


    f.)Household Appliance Industry

    1.Air-condition (between the fan motor power IC and shell)

    2.Electromagnetic oven (thermistor and the radiating fin)

    3.Microwave Oven


    Specification :

    Color : grey ,blue , pink

    Regular size : 0.3t mm x 20 mm x 25mm

    Special size and color, can according customer's requirement to cut the shape , with/without adhesive are avaliable.

    Package :1000pcs/ bag